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7 Strategies to Win the Year!

By Paula Beadle

#1   Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

We overestimate what we can do in a year, and grossly underestimate what we can do in 10 years. The key to developing a one-year plan is focus. Sometimes strategy is knowing what not to do. I’m a believer in hiring a facilitator to help you through the planning process – but make sure you are in agreement with their approach and keep it simple. Check out our first Masterclass to learn a simple approach and how to get started HERE.


#2   Strategically Patient, Tactically Impatient

Resist the temptation to take fast action until you have a thoughtful plan. I get it, we are all in a hurry to make magic happen. There are certainly occasions where doing something is better than doing nothing, but now is not that time. Once you have done your homework, check your mindset and spring into action. This is the time to sit back, take action every day towards your goals.


#3   Get a Coach, Be a Coach

Many people offering free or reduced coaching.  I just signed up with my friend Michael Kithcart to join a group leadership circle “Champion Your Future” – once a month for the entire year for $40 per month. Check it out HERE. How can you coach someone who is counting on you?  How are you showing-up as a coach?


#4   Adjust Your Sales

You will not be successful in the future doing the same thing you did in the past. Everyone is making buying decisions differently, so you need to adjust. Start with brainstorming ideas for this question: How can you increase revenue by 3X next year. Don’t judge it, just do it. Second question – how can you make back all the revenue you lost this year in a way that is different than how you lost it?  Another way to adjust your sales, remember ideas are your most valuable currency.


#5   Accept No Gracefully, But Not Permanently

Some of my best relationships started with a no. Be graceful and respectful when someone says ‘no’ and most importantly get comfortable with hearing ‘no’.  I suspect we will hear ‘no’ more in the year ahead, so don’t lose site that it is not permanent unless you make it that way.


#6   Focus on What You Can Control

All you can really control is your thoughts and behavior. As my dear friend likes to say, “If you can’t change it, change the way you feel about it”.  Don’t waste your valuable time fretting about the things you have no control over.


#7   Embrace the Struggle

It’s a tough time, no doubt.  We are all struggling in our own way, but when you embrace those struggles you create a valuable opportunity for growth. Necessity breeds invention.


About the author: Paula Beadle is the CEO of Caravel Marketing, a national consulting company specializing in sponsorship marketing, and the founder of Sponsorship Mastery, an annual summit and programming dedicated to improving individual and organizational sponsorship performance. She is a results-driven trailblazer with a proven record of developing smart strategies and creatively connecting the right partners. Paula has helped iconic events and major brands achieve their goals through innovative sponsorship initiatives, generating incremental revenue and successfully coaching thriving teams, executives and boards.