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7in7 Series: Maintaining Partnership Excellence with Andrea Thayer

On this webisode of 7in7, Paula is joined by Andrea Thayer from the Washington State Fair. Andrea has spent decades mastering the art of partnership excellence and shares her insights on how that has helped during times of crisis.

Check out the video here:

Key takeaways from the interview:

Always deliver

Strive to earn the reputation of exceptional delivery in a normal business environment so sponsors have confidence you are going to follow through during the tough times. Exceptional delivery begins with clear communications and managing expectations.

The relationship-building process has not ended

Make sure both parties are still benefitting from the partnership. Continue to have conversations with your partners to make sure you understand how you can best be of service to them.

Circle of trust

Over time the efforts you put into building trust between you and your partner will bolster your future efforts. Consistency and communication are keyways to establish trust with your partners.

All hands in!

Sponsorship should be part of your organizational culture. Bringing together your team to solve problems and think of ideas. After you hear what the goals of your partners are, your team should come together and be creative in solutions. By meeting the needs of your partners, you are mutually successful in providing a brand experience for your consumers.

Values at the heart of programmatic evolution

Continuing to educate our population through crisis remains a priority, so adapt programs by creating virtual tools and resources. Program values should still align no matter how the experience is presented to your audience, which is why it remains important to integrate and recognize your sponsors in your virtual offerings.

Virtual programming is here to stay

The expectation from your audiences as well as your sponsors to provide virtual learning and engagement opportunities will not be going away any time soon. Virtual programming enables you to:

    • serve your communities
    • promote your brand
    • reach new audiences
    • remain relevant and evolve
    • provide new ways to integrate your physical space in a virtual way



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