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7in7 Series: The Power of Creativity in Sponsorship Sales with Gerry Tabio

In one of our most exciting webisodes yet, Paula welcomes Gerry Tabio, President and Founder of Creative Resources Group. Gerry is a marketing master, idea guru, and a true thought leader. Gerry will surely leave you inspired, motivated, and ready to ramp up your sales efforts.

Check it out here:


Here’s some key insights from their conversation:

  1. It’s the end of the line for generic thinking

Any successful partnership will not come from an out of the box sponsorship opportunity.  Sponsors are not looking for basic, lackluster opportunities to slap their logo on – they want thoughtful customization.


  1. Be deliberate at customization

Take the time to think through and strategize how you’re going to propel your partnerships. Don’t settle for occasional customization – make it a deliberate effort to put custom opportunities at the forefront of your sponsorship program.


  1. Make the marketing objective visible

Uncovering your sponsor’s marketing objective provides focus to engage in a partnership relationship.


  1. Be voracious in feeding your creativity monster

In order to be creative, you must surround yourself with ideas, campaigns, influencers within your network that fuel your own creativity. You can be inspired when you consistently are inputting content that can later help inspire your own needs.


  1. “Idea” or “persuasive campaign”?

The concept and use of the term “idea” has evolved. It no longer holds the grandeur of something epic and revolutionary – especially for marketing campaigns. In today’s marketing, investments come from campaigns that can persuade.


  1. 3 keys to a successful persuasive campaign
    • Name your campaign. Naming your campaign gives the campaign longevity and cohesiveness.
    • Know your communication tools. Identifying the right communications tools can get your message to the right audiences.
    • Have a well-crafted message. Your campaign message should be persuasive and consistent.


  1. Be a true marketing partner

You must understand your sponsor’s marketing goals through their perspective, as if you were in their environment and competitive situation. Understand what objectives they’re trying to accomplish without your help. Only then can you begin to develop successful campaigns that can reach the goals of your organization and your client.


  1. Learn a process to create ideas

Creative ideas emerge when a group of people with a shared objective brainstorm together. Creative idea sessions led by a trained facilitator produce powerful and consistent results. By implementing a repeatable process, you feed a culture of innovation.


Want to hear more from Gerry Tabio? Register to the upcoming Sponsorship Mastery Summit to attend his session on big ideas, creativity in sponsorship sales. The Sponsorship Mastery Summit will bring together sponsorship leaders to exchange ideas, share experiences and master the art and science of sponsorship this coming September 23rd and 24th. Find out more about Gerry’s session and the summit on the SMS website.