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After Sponsorship Mastery Summit: The Learning and Exchange Continues

Sponsorship Mastery Summit is more than a two-day event. Following the summit, participants receive access to tools, resources and expertise that support ongoing sponsorship success. This is your opportunity to get into the practical application of sponsorship. Plus, content is developed in real time, based on your feedback. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll cater online sessions to meet your current needs.

Webinar Session Topics

  • Are Sponsorship Valuation Models Effective?
  • Building Your Sponsorship Team: Employees or Outside Agencies
  • Sponsorship Operating Models, Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Emerging and Active Sponsorship Landscape
  • Creating Your Sponsorship Asset Inventory
  • Developing Sponsorship Levels: Old School vs. New Approach
  • Packaging and Pricing Your Sponsorship Assets
  • Getting the Meeting and Closing the Deal
  • Developing Sponsorship Proposal Templates
  • Preparing Sponsorship Contracts to Minimize Future Conflicts
  • Delivering on the Promise of Flawless Execution
  • Integrating Digital Assets Into Your Sponsorship Program

About Sponsorship Mastery Summit

Sponsorship Mastery Summit takes place September 25-26 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington and features industry experts facilitating intensive and interactive sessions for mastering the art and science of sponsorship. Participants collaborate with thought leaders, hear from big brands, explore new ideas, and leave with a simple sales plan, an improved story, sponsor leads, a sales process, best practices and new connections. The learning and exchange continue online for three months with webinars and information on the most relevant and important topics key to sponsorship success. Learn more and register here.

About Caravel Marketing

Caravel Marketing provides sponsorship and revenue development services to entertainment and sports properties, nonprofits, associations, corporations and government agencies. Caravel develops and implements strategic plans to increase sponsor value, accelerate performance, and connect companies and properties to create meaningful partnerships.