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7in7 Series: Amplifying Your Partnerships with Gail Lowney Alofsin

On this 7in7 webisode, Paula is joined by Gail Lowney Alofsin, Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Newport Harbor Corporation. Gail brings decades of experience as a speaker, author, professor, broadcaster, humanitarian, and business development executive. Paula and Gail have a timely and energetic conversation about ways to amplify your partnership efforts.

Watch the webisode here:

For a sneak peak of what Paula and Gail discuss, check out our key takeaways below.

  1. Stay in touch gracefully with your partners
    Do not approach a conversation as a transaction or exchange. Be deliberate about how you approach your partnerships. Take the time to be heart-forward and ask how they are doing.

  2. Stay in-tune with the industry
    Know what categories are emerging. These are the brands you should consider having a reaching out to if you have a meaningful partnership opportunity.

  3. 2021 is now
    Sponsors are most definitely looking toward 2021. For current sponsors, this may mean re-allocating their sponsorship dollars to 2021 if your event has been cancelled. New sponsors are more likely to have a conversation for 2021 rather than any events that may take place in fall or winter because there because the event and gathering restrictions are still so widely unknown for so most states and could change at any time.

  4. Look at your core four
    1. Reputation – what is the word on the street about you
    2. Relevance – does the program you’re selling align with the values of your sponsors?
    3. Relationships – everyone counts or no one counts
    4. Passion – be passionate about your partnerships, your event, and your own personal life experiences

  5. Look at your partners beyond the contract
    Now is a great time to think about how you build a relationship with your partners outside of the contract. This could mean opportunities to highlight their employees, promote their products, or tell their story in new, innovative ways.

  6. 8 important things events can do in the future
    1. Maintain reputations
    2. Stay relevant
    3. Maintain relationships
    4. Deliver with passion
    5. Embroider in the community
    6. Share your information and expertise
    7. Be grateful
    8. Deliver the unexpected extra