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Brand New FREE Masterclass

Every Sponsorship Sales Leader I talk with dreams of having better partnerships with brands and more sponsors.

What if I told you it was not only possible, but wouldn’t be difficult?

I’ve cracked the code on this. 

In my FREE LIVE Masterclass this week, I’ll reveal my secrets. Join me for “How to Increase Sponsorship Revenue without Losing Your Mind” on Thursday, September 10th.

If you follow my advice, you’ll move more new brands through the pipeline, increase revenue, improve your retention of sponsors and better serve the brands who support you.

There are strategies and tactics proven to help you turn your existing relationships into stronger partners – and I’ll show you how.

Pick the Masterclass That Best Fits Your Schedule. (I’m offering multiple times!)

Whether you’re a sponsorship sales leader representing universities, parks and recreation, travel and tourism, fairs and festivals, entertainment venues, arts and cultural organizations, zoos, sports teams or non-profit events – you’ll want to hear what I have to say.

In just 90 short minutes, I’ll cover the three topics that may be keeping you from the results you desire:

  • A proven 7 step sales process you can use to improve your sales outcome
  • The surprising way sponsor expectations have shifted and why you need to know now
  • How to navigate changing buying decisions so you can get improved results

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And if you stick around for the whole masterclass, I’ll also send you my keys to creating successful proposals, used by my clients to close more deals faster.

I promise that this will be a high-energy, fun, informative masterclass that will leave you inspired and equipped to transform your sponsorship program. I’ll make sure I leave plenty of time for your questions at the end.

So sign up for the free masterclass today, and start marching to the summit to master the art and science of sponsorship!


This is a *must attend* if:

  1. You’ve been trying to improve your sponsorship results for months or years but feel like you’re lacking the process that gains any serious traction that inspires you to keep going.
    That’s me! Please show me how to generate some serious momentum.
  2. You’ve been noticing – and having trouble navigating – the changes in sponsor expectations over the last few tumultuous months. And now you’re wondering, if you’ll ever regain the footholds you were just starting to make before the pandemic hit.
    Yes! Please get me fully up to speed on “what’s working now.”
  3. You DON’T know how buying decisions are made anymore. It’s as if the entire industry has been flipped on its head and you’re reeling and looking for help.
    That’s me, and I’d LOVE to get a better understanding with your help 🙂