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Caravel Marketing to Support Sound Transit’s System Expansion Initiative

Caravel Marketing was awarded Sound Transit’s contract to support sponsorship and partnership efforts for their system expansion community launches and events over the next 5 years. The massive region-wide transportation project is currently underway and will have multi-phased openings and public launches over the span of several years. The added stations will be a major gain for the region’s booming commuter population.

Caravel Marketing, in partnership with The Workshop, have worked on two major Washington Department of Transportation projects in recent years – the Opening of the 520 bridge and the SR 99 Tunnel project. Their combined talents have produced large-scale community celebrations and generated necessary earned income for public agency projects.

Caravel’s work will focus on a comprehensive sponsorship evaluation and strategic plan to secure partnerships to support future public celebrations.

“We are thrilled to be working on such a significant transportation project,” said Caravel CEO Paula Beadle. “Connecting partners with Seattle’s resilient and spirited community to celebrate the growth in our region will be a rewarding undertaking for our team. The partnerships we will help secure will enable our community to connect, celebrate, and explore.”

For more information, please contact Caravel Marketing at 206-489-5588