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Discover Your Strengths

By Paula Beadle

I was privileged to speak on the topic of discovering strengths at the recent Inspired You conference outside of Seattle, Washington. This event is designed especially for women to explore the question “what do I WANT to do?” rather than “what do I HAVE to do?” They also discover new sources of inspiration and learn about resources to help guide their exploration.

My “Discover Your Strengths” presentation is based on the principal that has guided my professional and personal growth throughout my career and was adopted as a core philosophy of Caravel Marketing. We’ve used it as a recruiting tool, a management tool, a team building exercise and for individual professional development.

During the course of our work, we meet people who are feeling unsatisfied and unhappy in their work, or teams who are not working well together. Often at the core, people are not working within their strengths, causing disengagement and eventually resulting in a lack of performance.

Individually, satisfaction and enhanced performance in your work, whether at home or in the office, resides in focusing on your strengths not your weaknesses. So give up those items on your list you feel like you need to improve and learn how to manage through them. Chances are you don’t enjoy doing those things anyway. Embrace your strengths and learn how to put them into action.

Organizationally, achieving excellence resides in connecting the needs of the organization to the strengths of individuals and creating teams that complement each other. Manage people toward their strengths and you will build a culture of happy, engaged people that results in increased performance. Help your team members identify their strengths, achieve a greater understanding of their fellow team members’ strengths and effectively put those strengths to work.

I’ve shared the conference presentation here to provide an overview of the strengths movement and inspire your exploration.

Download Discover Your Strengths Presentation (PDF)

About the author: Paula Beadle is the president of Caravel Marketing. She is a results driven trailblazer with a proven record of creating order out of chaos. By developing and managing innovative sponsorship initiatives, generating incremental revenue, and successfully coaching thriving teams, executives and boards, Paula has helped numerous organizations discover and achieve their goals.