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  • Prospecting
  • Packaging and pricing
  • Sales materials
  • Proposal development
  • Negotiating
  • Cause-related and media partnerships

Ready to drive more revenue?

Caravel has developed programs that are designed to assess your situation and deliver solutions on how you can drive more revenue.

Navigate a quickly changing
industry with confidence.

The sponsorship industry is in the midst of a major transformation and seasoned sponsorship pros and newcomers will need to take a new approach to achieving sponsorship success. Caravel Marketing’s 180° SPONSORSHIP offers an array of services to support organizations in recovering their sponsorship efforts during and post-COVID-19.

Jump-start your sponsorship efforts.

Achieve goals with a fresh perspective and new ideas. Caravel’s IGNITEprogram identifies new opportunities to generate more revenue and accomplish your goals. Attain new sponsors, gain confidence in sponsorship pricing, and improve your sales process and materials.

Ready to Drive More Revenue?

Let’s connect to see how CARAVEL can support your revenue development.