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7in7 Series: Preparing for Success with Michael Kithcart

Paula Beadle, Caravel Marketing CEO and Founder of Sponsorship Mastery, is joined by Michael Kithcart, founder of Michael Kithcart Consulting. Michael is an executive coach and strategy expert who is harnessing her talents during this crisis to empower and strengthen business leaders. On this 7in7 webisode, Paula and Michael cut to the chase and give business leaders practices and insights to achieve success now and in the future.

Watch the video here:


We’ve put together our 7 key takeaways from the webisode but be sure to check out the full 7in7 for more info, ideas and insights.

  1. Be curious
    Be curious and pay attention to what’s going on and use that to expand your knowledge.

  2. Time to think differently
    Do you need to earn revenue back the same way that you lost it? Just because it was coming in a certain way, does that mean that’s how it should or could come in in the future.

  3. Ok go!
    You have to grow your business 10 times in the next 3 years – how do you do it? What does that look like? Now go and do it!

  4. Simplify, simplify, simplify
    What would it look like if it were easy to grow? There is so much struggle and complication right now. Look at your systems and processes, the way you’re generating revenue currently, if it’s complicated – simplify it.

  5. 15 minutes to make your dreams come true
    Yes, it can be hard to focus, yes things aren’t business as usual, but at the same time, keep moving forward. Find 15 minutes every single day to bring your business, dream or vision forward. In two months, that’s 15 hours of you making your dream come true. We’ve already been in isolation for a month…

  6. Know your business priorities
      • Provide value, then even more value for my clients
      • Provide value for the community. How am I sharing that?
      • Learning and applying. Every week I’m doing something I’ve never done before
      • Supporting your clients – being available to listen and provide advice.

  7. 7 ways to stay grounded and optimistic:
      1. Have quiet time
      2. Establish daily rituals
      3. Get outside and stay active throughout the day
      4. Check in on people – first, second, and third tier connections and relationships
      5. Take time to talk to other business leaders, especially those with a growth mindset
      6. Commit nights and weekends to family
      7. Have weekly goals with flexibility but that hold you accountable