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Recharging Your Revenue Efforts:7 minutes to strengthen your partnership and revenue strategies

Join Paula Beadle, Caravel’s CEO and founder of Sponsorship Mastery, for her 7in7 discussion with LA Chargers Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Rushton. They get down to business for some real talk about partnerships, revenue strategies, and how he is leading his team into the future.


Here are our highlights from this super-charged discussion:

  1. “Proactive productivity”
    You must be productive in the present in order to put yourself in position to win in the future

  2. Key business goals that anyone can apply:
      • Make sure employees are safe and optimistic. This can have an impact at every level of the organization – from their families, to our fans, and to our community at large.
      • Have constant contact with your partners. Ask the questions: How can we help? How is your business evolving in this moment?
      • Evolving to the “next normal.” Being able to respond in real time to what is happening while being able to scenario plan for the future.
  1. You must earn your relationships
    As Jim shared, the LA Chargers earn their relationships “one fan, one customer, one partner at a time” which helps to move the relationship from transactional one to a long-term partner. This always begins with looking at everything through a lens of empathy. We are always in constant contact with our partners no matter where you are within our relationship ecosystem.


  1. No universal answer, but we are in a universal situation
    When having conversations with your partners, understand how they are doing, how they been impacted, look at it from an industry perspective, and prepare to have scenario discussions.


  1. Understand sponsors mission and objectives in the given moment
    It’s okay to start the conversations from scratch because you need to understand what they’re experiencing and how they’re evolving.


  1. Take the proactive approach
    Make sure you’re communicating with your sponsors proactively. You should never be reactive.


  1. Tips for diversifying or creating new revenue streams
    Evolve your assets – from live and digital experiences to virtual interactions.