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Seattle Sports Commission Enlists Caravel Marketing to Develop Strategic Revenue Plan

Seattle Sports Commission (SSC) has enlisted the support of Seattle-based company Caravel Marketing to develop a strategic revenue plan that amplifies its position as a leading sports teams advocate and partner in the region.

The growing momentum of regional sports partnered with equally strong public support has positioned the Seattle Sports Commission as an organization that unifies sports with communities. SSC is leading the way in providing opportunities to connect sporting events and culture to business leaders, families, neighbors of every age, demographic, and interest level.

Seattle Sports Commission President, Beth Knox, will oversee the project in collaboration with Carvel Marketing’s team experts. “Seattle sports are at the heart of our community. Caravel and the Seattle Sports Commission share the belief that sports unify and strengthen our region, while developing a strong economy, national brand identity and professional leadership. I look forward to developing a sponsorship and revenue strategy with Caravel in this exciting next chapter of SSC,” said Knox.

Caravel’s work will focus on a comprehensive sponsorship assessment and developing a strategic revenue plan that will provide solutions and a course of action to ensure continued revenue growth for the organization.

Caravel CEO, Paula Beadle. “It is an incredible opportunity to be part of an innovative and evolving organization under Beth’s leadership.”

For more information, contact Caravel Marketing at 206-351-2805.