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Mastering the Art &
of Sponsorship

Sponsorship marketing is a powerful way to capture the hearts and minds of people, connecting to their passions and turning them into fans. We are advocates for the industry and champions of your success.

That’s why we started Sponsorship Mastery—to bring passionate sponsorship professionals together to exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from one another.

We Help You Master the Art & Science of Sponsorship


Industry leaders and sponsorship marketers gather to learn valuable insights, discuss cutting-edge industry trends, and make meaningful connections


Dive deep into winning strategies, hear insider secrets and access the tools and resources that have helped industry trailblazers drive more revenue and accelerate growth


Best-in-class blogs, interviews with industry leaders, tools and research to help navigate the sponsorship landscape and prepare for the future

We believe in the power of sponsorship marketing.

We also believe the landscape of sponsorship marketing is changing rapidly… a change that is long overdue and very welcome. Success will look different in the future and will demand strategic thinking, creative partnerships, and better results from sponsorship marketers.

We are leading the sponsorship evolution.

After decades of success as a sponsorship and marketing company CARAVEL craved to be something more. We wanted to be industry leaders and make our mark. We wanted to help others improve performance – accelerating revenue, culture, team and partnership growth.

We are mastering the art and science of sponsorship.

Sponsorship is tough, but we are here to make it easier. By coming together, exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and learning from one another, we are mastering the art and science of sponsorship.

Mastery within reach.

Sponsorship Mastery provides cutting-edge content and tools. Read the latest industry research, hear trade secrets from sponsorship experts, learn how to win the day from best-in-class blogs, and level up your efforts with help from one of our free guides.

We’ve got ya covered.