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The Three R’s of State Fair Sponsorship Marketing

By Paula Beadle

As we prepare for the annual International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Convention, the Caravel Marketing team has been digging in, researching the most pressing issues in the industry and developing creative solutions to address them. It’s evident that fairs continue to face pressures to increase attendance, generate more revenue, and engage visitors, the community and sponsors in new and exciting ways.

At Caravel, contributing to the success of fairs energizes us. We have collaborated with fairs around the nation, actively participated in industry associations and conversations, conducted loads of industry-specific research, and delivered big results for our fair clients. We serve as trusted advisors and facilitators for fairs in the areas of sponsorship, strategic planning, marketing and technology.

Regardless of your size, location, or duration, to improve your performance consider the three R’s as you plan your sponsorship marketing efforts for 2019 and beyond:


Are you providing memorable experiences your tried-and-true fair-goers expect and desire?  Do you provide experiences new audiences and next generations are seeking? Have you identified the inconveniences and created solutions? The right sponsor partners can help you provide experiences and solve problems. Caravel helps fairs remain relevant through thoughtful and collaborative strategic planning efforts, and we explore how the right sponsors and the right programs can increase attendance, engagement and revenue.


Are you maximizing the revenue potential of your fair? Have you uncovered the existing assets and created new ones? Have you developed a pricing methodology to understand the value of your assets? Are you reaching out to the right companies with the right approach? Do you have a sales process? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then stop your outreach efforts, conduct an assessment and develop a sales plan. Our team has a proven process to collaborate with you to develop a plan, share best practices, develop resources and tools, and help you meet your revenue goal.


Has your team delivered the results you expected? Does each department and team member have clear goals for 2019? Have you established revenue goals for the next three years and do you have a plan to accomplish those goals? At Caravel, we are driven by delivering results and proudly boast that 100 percent of our clients have increased revenue as a result of our work together. Planning is our superpower, and the results we achieve are the outcome of thoughtful planning, a focused effort and a well-managed process.

Ready to further explore your R’s? Caravel is providing a special offer to IAFE attendees, which includes a free consultation if you notify us within 30 days of the conference to schedule a time. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • An in-depth interview with your fair leadership to identify the key opportunities and challenges
  • A list of insights and recommendations
  • An overview of the fair sponsorship industry and best practices
  • How Caravel could help


Contact Caravel Chief Strategy Officer Michael Kithcart at to schedule your free consultation.

About the author: Paula Beadle is the president of Caravel Marketing. She is a results driven trailblazer with a proven record of creating order out of chaos. By developing and managing innovative sponsorship initiatives, generating incremental revenue, and successfully coaching thriving teams, executives and boards, Paula has helped numerous organizations discover and achieve their goals.